An in-depth look at the Standard PC-P43 Electric Paper Cutter

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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The Standard Horizon PC-P43 Electric Paper Cutter, which replaces the discontinued PC-S43, in a new and innovative electric paper cutter that is perfect for customers looking to automate their low-volume cutting and trimming operations while maintaining the highest level of operator safety. The PC-P43 offers a quick-release system that springs the backgauge out of the way to allow for trimming of sheets over 12.6" long, essentially allowing an unlimited length of paper to be trimmed. The cutting capacity of the PC-P43 enables the operator to cut 0.9" thick stacks (about 250 sheets of 20 pound paper) of paper up to 17" wide. Speed is not an issue, as you can cut through your paper stacks in as few as four seconds per cycle. The automatic paper clamp and cutting blade make operation very user friendly. Other features include a side-mounted adjustment wheel for convenient setting of the backgauge paper stop, an easy-access push-out bar for easy and safe removal of cut stock from the cutting area, a disposable blade with sheath system, an illuminated cut line and safety enclosures. It features 1) an illuminated cutting line that conveniently identifies the cut position providing easy and accurate cutting, every single time, 2) advanced safety features, such as simultaneous two-handed control with dual push buttons, as well as an interlocking safety cover, providing the ultimate protection for users, and 3) an innovative cutting knife design allows for easy and safe knife replacement. A graduated cutting scale offers increments of 1/16" and a digital style counter counts your cuts and is lockable and resettable.

The PC-P43 offers safety in four forms; one, it is only activated when the safety cover is closed, two, it is only activated when both cutting buttons are simultaneously pressed, and three, it can only be operated with power-key insertion, limiting access, and four, front and rear safety covers include a safety switch to prevent unsafe operation. As automatic clamping press moves simultaneously with the cutting knife while a special cut-out is provided to prevent book spines from crushing. The cutting stick is easily replaced by using the integrated lift lever. A cutting knife counter makes keeping track of your jobs easy. Cut cycles are indicated on a digital counter to help determine when the cutting knife should be replaced.

The PC-P43 Cutter comes standard with two power activation keys, one power cord, one knife removal sheath, one knife removal tool, one cutting blade and one cutting stick. It works with standard 115V 60 Hz outlets and weighs approximately 145 pounds unpackaged. It measures 26.6" wide by 23.7" deep by 14.8" high.

The PC-P43 Electric Paper Cutter is a big hit with customers who are looking to automate their low-volume cutting and trimming operations while maintaining the highest level of operator safety. Popular applications for the PC-P43 cutter include: fliers, postcards, brochures, mailers, and more! The PCP43 is perfect for use in mailrooms, in-house production centers, satellite print centers, small offices, and churches.

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